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Best Auto Mechanic Shop in Vernon

I consider this shop partly mine and partly the customers', to run it in a way that if I were on the other side of the counter, I would feel comfortable.
David Friedman, the founder
Motorcycle Mechanic Vernon
Best Auto Mechanic Shop Vernon

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We service any make and model.

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Oh, and did we mention that we are top-notch mechanics for fixing German cars and motorcycles?

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Our Auto Shop Story

For more than 30 years, Partly Dave's Garage was always known in Vernon and surrounding areas for being friendly and having highly experienced auto mechanics.

We specialize in tune-ups, auto repair services, tires, cooling system service, engine rebuilds and more. We also provide maintenance and repairs to BMW motorcycles and Volkswagens.

Although we are a small boutique mechanic shop, we compete with the big sharks at local dealerships. We offer something they can't. And we will leave it up to you to find out what it is when you visit our shop.

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The driving force behind our reputation is undoubtedly the people who work at Partly Dave's Garage. It's always about people - both employees and customers. Dave Friedman always used to say the auto shop was partly his and partly the customers', so if he was on the other side of the counter, he would feel comfortable. Now you know our secret ingredient.

In 2022, it was time for Dave to retire, and he couldn't think of a better person to trust his "baby" - or, let's put it officially, his business - than Leon Chubynsky, whom he knew well. Leon is known for his outstanding work ethics and his ability to build long-lasting rapport with customers.

Today, Partly Dave's Garage continues to thrive and grow. We got a new hoist, repair bays and equipment for our mechanics and upgraded the office. Feel free to visit our mechanic shop here in Vernon if you are around. If you require more information or wish to schedule a service appointment, please call us at 250-549-3666.

Dave Friedman 2012 Interview. Courtesy of BroydenBrosPictures

VW Mechanic Vernon
Recommended through word of mouth, so happy I came here. They were busy, but that's because they're good. Very respectful, very honest, very kind.
Crystalbrooke Hill
BMW Motorcycle Mechanic Vernon
Excellent customer service and quality work. My parents have been bringing their vehicles to Dave's for years. I'll be continuing the tradition!
Naomi Knittel
Porsche Mechanic in Vernon
I can't imagine, nor do I try going anywhere else. Dave's the real deal, honest billing, accurate estimates. This guy over the years has pulled out all the stops for me at one point or another to get me rolling down the road.
Michael E Little

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